AG offers a comprehensive service for implementation of both hard and soft landscape Fountain, Waterfall.
The ultimate success of a landscape project is dependent on the maintenance regime.
AG offers 6 months to 1 year aftercare and defects service for this critical establishment period.
We specialize in two areas of Landscape Garden Construction; urban regeneration projects and fast track small & large scale instant impact landscape gardens.
We also supply plants on retails & wholesale basis and also place them in various Offices & Commercial establishments on rental basis as well.
We also offer a full painting plan a d s ply service to compliment either your design or enhance your existing landscaping.
This service will be subject to either an individual quote or include within the total construction quotation depending on your requirements.

Solve Major Horticulture Problems on a site with :
Alkaline or salty soil, with ph 8, 9 or 10
Salty or saline water with EC 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 etc.
Low quantity of water available for irrigation, Such as Jaunapur in Mehrauli, Hilly area.
Cattle grazing problems,
Very low budget for maintenance or development,
High insect problems like termite, Milibug, Caterpillars, Semiloopers, Aphids, Jasids, Thrips, Stem- borers, Pod- borers, Beetles, Soil-grubs, Flies, Mites, etc.
Very big sites,
Multiple sites of an owner.
Absentee owners like NRI, etc.
Rented farmhouse to embassy or corporate.
Plant diseases like fruit- cracks, fruits-drops, Flowers- Drops, Citrus- Decline, Citrus-Dieback, Leaf spot, stem- rot of Bottle Palm, Dieback of Silver Oak, Mango leaf rosette etc.
High weed problems in lawn like motha, On Roadside, in vegetable/fruit field
Insect & Nutrition management for Organic Farming,
Greenery maintaining under Shade like below a tree.
Early Cultivation of Vegetables, flowers etc.

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